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History of mauritian rum

Rum production in Mauritius dates back to the 19th century. At that time, there were about forty distilleries in operation. Today there are less than ten. Sugar cane was introduced by the Dutch who cultivated it for the production of arak. Since than, the technology of rum production was inherited by the Mauritian people from generation to generation.

Our story

History of our production dates back to 2012, when Blue Mauritius Gold was first created. Blue Mauritius is made from the finest sugar cane distilate rum, distilled on island Mauritius. The molasses is matured for 36 hours before distillation, the 95% white alcohol is then reduced to 60% and blended before it is put in tanks from port barrels giving it natural flavours and eliminating the bitter taste of aged alcohol.

The process takes less than one year and the colour is stabilized. It is important to note that maceration, blending and processing is done in small quantities and all flavours are kept as pure as possible. You may find small deposits over time, this is the result of natural ingredients used during the blending process. No homogenization or any other chemical processes are used, keeping the product as natural as possible.

After about a year of aging, the precious liquid is poured into heavy French glass and closed with a wooden stopper and transparent seal. The leather necklace added after the bottling process serves to absorb the drops of each serving, keeping the bottle clean and prolonging the delicious aroma. To complete the process, swift hands take care of the finished bottles and, bottles are cleand and packed in special thick cartons. Special care is taken in every step.


Blue Mauritius has received awards both locally and internationally. Striving to keep the quality of our productions to world class standards, we at Blue Mauritius are constantly entering our products into international tasting events.Our global success has afforded us such illustrious awards as the C2C Spirits Cup Gold Winner in Germany, Enterprise Mauritius “Best Traditional Rum” award and recently the Double Gold Medal at the China 2017 Wine & Spirit Awards. These are but a few of Blue Mauritius Golds accomplishments.


A Blend of the Finest Mauritian Aromas. Delicate notes of tropical fruit, roasted nuts and oak barrel wood a true window to the beautifull lagoons of the paradise island Mauritius. Replace the cognac, bypass the whisky and most importantly, like no other rums, Blue Mauritius rum can be enjoyed straight up with or without ice!

Blue mauritius gold

This most exclusive spirit drink from Mauritian rum develops delicious notes of roasted nuts, vanilla and tropical red fruits, a true window to the beauti- ful lagoons of Mauritius.

Blue mauritius gin

One of a kind gin made from the finest Mauritian sugar cane spirit. Enjoy delicious notes of exotic citrus fruits that can be found on the paradise island Mauritius.

Blue maurituis reserva

Unique oak cask spirit from the finest Mauritian rum for true connoisseurs. Enjoy perfectly balanced oak tones and gently sweet taste of vanilla, haznelnuts and tropical fruits.

Try our special recipes

You will fall in love with Blue Mauritius products at the first sip for their perfect taste and aroma. For those who like to experiment, we recommend trying, for example, the combination of the taste of Blue Mauritius Gold with chocolate, port wine or even mango. Try one of our mixed drinks and you will discover new unknown tastes.

You can find all our recipies on our youtube channel

latest news

Take a look at some of the latest news from the rum world.


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In case you haven’t heard of Dodo yet, it was a one meter tall, flightless bird that has extinted by the end of 17th century.


Blue Mauritius GOLD has ettented the Catavinum World Wine & Spirits Competition 2022 held in Vitoria-Gasteiz in northern Spain. Over 2500 wines and spirits from

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Fine Destillery Slovakia s.r.o. (distributor for Slovak Republic)



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