Blue mauritus gold rum from paradise

Blue mauritius gold

A rich, golden Mauritian rum intended to be reminiscent of the aromas found on the island with notes of red tropical fruits and roasted nuts.

It has been designed to be at it's best served on it's own.

Even without ice.

This is a true connoisseur's rum.

“Why travel to Mauritius when Mauritius can come to you.”

A Blend of the Finest Mauritian Aromas. Delicate notes of red tropical fruits and roasted nuts make this rum an outstanding and uncommon discovery of the beautiful paradise island.


Blue Mauritius Gold Rum is manufactured on the island of Mauritius.

It is a molasses based rum, distilled at 95%.

The molasses is matured for 36 hours before distillation, the 95% white alcohol is then reduced to 60% and blended before it is put in tanks from port barrels, giving it natural flavours and eliminating the bitter taste of aged alcohol.

The process takes less than one year till the colour is stabilized. It is important to note that the maceration, blending and processing is done in small quantities to allow minimal distinctions between batch productions. You may find small deposits over time, this is a result of process using cold filtration to avoid small microns filtration. No homogenization or any other chemical processes are used, keeping the product as natural as possible.

All flavours are kept as pure as possible, the precious liquid is poured into heavy French glasses and closed with a wooden stopper and a transparent seal.

The leather necklace added after the bottling process serves to absorb the last drops of each serving, keeping the bottle clean and prolonging the delicious aroma.

To complete the process, swift hands take care of the finished product, all bottles are hand labelled and packed. Special care is applied in every detail. its best served on its own, even without ice.

“Limited production”

The Blue Mauritius Gold rum is produced on limited edition. Only 5000 bottles monthly!

Amber Rum Blend Package consists of:

Precious hand made spirit bottled in ellegant heavy french glass with a wooden cap. A coin style medallion and a suede neck decoration. 


As a new comer to the market, The Blue Mauritius Gold rum has proved its quality both locally as well as world wide.

Blue Mauritius Gold has received many international awards.

 C2C Spirits Cup Gold Winner in Germany

Enterprise Mauritius “Best Traditional Rum” award

Double Gold Medal at the China 2017 Wine & Spirit Awards.

...of course these are just a few of Blue Mauritius Gold accomplishments.

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